What are Liberated Love Notes™?

Thriving while Black in systems designed for whiteness is hard.

We must have a strong foundation supporting our sense of self, and we must engage in ongoing calibration, healing, and community care. Liberated Love Notes™ is a starting point for integrating self and community affirmations into your daily practices. Liberated Love Notes center the experiences of Black folks existing in white systems and speak to overcoming imposter syndrome, disrupting injected & internalized forms of oppression, embodying an abundance mindset and building a healthy racial identity. 

Each Box of Liberated Love Notes includes: 

Three (3) Instruction cards 

Twelve (12) Glossary cards 

Four (4) Self-Reflection & Group Discussion Prompt cards 

Thirty-Two (32) Liberated Love Notes™

Three (3) Blank Cards to write your own love notes

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Who are Liberated Love Notes designed for?

Liberated Love Notes(tm) were written and designed by Black women. They were written with our experiences as Black people in mind. They can be used as part of one's own individual practice (e.g. meditation, journaling, daily affirmation) and in groups to facilitate dialogue around and process our experiences as Black people. Facilitators, therapists, educators, and equity & justice practitioners may also use Liberated Love Notes to design curriculums that center the Black experience. 

Interested in partnering to bring Liberated Love Notes to your team, community, or organization? Let's connect. 


Liberated Love Notes:
The Podcast

A Partnership with Living Corporate Network

DEI won't save us...but we can develop intentional practices that affirm our experiences and identities, practices that allow us to disrupt toxic, harmful narratives about Blackness. We deserve to show up as our most liberated selves, beyond the confines of the white imagination. Join me for weekly doses of self-reflection, affirmation, and reimagining... for us, by us. 


“The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. ... None of this is necessary.”

-Toni Morrison