America Does Not Deserve Black Women

America Does Not Deserve Black Women

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These are the facts.


A Special Edition, Black Women's tribute to our original "America Does Not Deserve Black People" shirt. 


Shortly after the 2020 Election, I pinned a post: Three Hard Truths in the Aftermath of Election 2020. One of those truths: America does not deserve Black people—she never has.


"This election is just one more example of how Black people consistently use our power for the greater good. Despite being most impacted by and at risk during the global pandemic, dealing with the onslaught of racialized trauma and violence against our community, being consistently underserved by our two-party system, Black voters (more notably Black women) have significantly influenced this election, and ultimately the fate of this nation.


This dynamic is no different from the experiences of many Black folks, practitioners, and advocates in the workplace who continue to work tirelessly and persistently in pursuit of equity, justice and inclusion. Those who are often underpaid, overworked, undermined. Those who experience loss, risk and Black fatigue leading and strategizing (sometimes informally, without the title or pay) and disrupting the status quo. Given all that America has gained at the nexus of Black power and culture, what more could we collectively re-imagine if we truly centered Blackness, and yielded to Black leadership, in this work?" 


    This is a gender neutral/unisex fit shirt. Size down for a more fitted look. 


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